Tradewind Band
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Friday, Jan 15             The Tap Room @ Bill Grays, Ontario  8pm
Saturday, Jan 30        The Vino Lounge, Webster  7:30pm
Saturday, Feb. 6          Rubinos Sports Pub, Webster  7pm
Saturday, April 2         Rubinos Sports Pub  CANCELLED due to Final Four!!
Saturday, April 23       Vino's Lounge, Webster 7pm
Friday, April 29           The Tap Room @ Bill Gray's Ontario 8pm
Friday, May 13             The Tap Room @ Bill Grays, Brockport   9:30pm
Saturday, May 14         Vino's Lounge, Webster  7pm
Friday, May 20            The Towpath Café, Fairport 7pm
Sunday, May 29           Abe's Waterfront Sodus Pt. 3pm
Saturday, June 4         Rubinos Sports Pub, Webster  7pm
Thursday, June 9         Thirsty's, Pittsford  7pm
Sunday, June 12           Captain Jacks, Sodus Point  3pm
Saturday, June 18        Vino's Lounge, Webster 7pm
Friday, June 24            Webster Village Gazebo 7pm
Saturday, June 25        Acoustic at McColley's Spencerport 7pm
Saturday, July 2           Private Party - Duration Acres!!
Saturday, July 9          The Towpath Café, Fairport  8pm
Friday, July 22             The Tap Room @ Bill Gray's Ontario 8pm
Saturday, Aug 13          Weathertop Farm and Hopyard, Palmyra  2:30-5:30pm
Wednesday, Aug 17      Wayne County Fair, "Back Porch Series" 5pm
Saturday, Aug 20         Vino's Lounge, Webster 7pm
Saturday, Aug 27         The Tap Room @ Bill Gray's SEABREEZE! Grand Opening!!  
Sunday, Aug 28            Palmyra Village Gazebo  2pm
Saturday, Sept 3          Abe's Waterfront Sodus Pt.  3pm
​Friday, Oct 7                Vino's Lounge, Webster 7pm
Friday, Nov 4                Vino's Lounge, Webster 8pm
Friday, Nov 18               The Tap Room @ Bill Gray's Ontario  8pm
Saturday, Dec 3            Vino's Lounge, Webster 8pm
Friday, Dec 9                The Tap Room @ Bill Gray's BROCKPORT 9:30pm
Saturday, Dec 10          The Tap Room @ Bill Gray's SEABREEZE  8pm

Saturday, January 28        Flaherty's Macedon
Friday, February 10           The Tap Room, Bill Grays Brockport 9:30pm
Saturday, March 4            Jeffrey's Bar and Grill, Henrietta  7:30pm
Friday, April 14                 The Tap Room, Bill Gray's Ontario 8pm
Saturday, April 22            The Tap Room, Bill Gray's Seabreeze 9pm
Saturday, May 7                MS Benefit, Canandaigua  10:30am
Saturday, May 27              Pittsford Paddle 'n Pour,  5:30 pm
Thursday, June 1               Thirsty's, Pittsford  7:30pm
Saturday, June 10              Jeffrey's Bar, Henrietta  7:30pm
Saturday, June 17             The Towpath Grill, Fairport  8pm
Sunday, June 18                 Heintzelman's - CANCELLED!!
Saturday, June 24             Flaherty's, Macedon  8pm
Sunday, July 2                   Marlins, Sodus Point 2:30pm
Thursday, July 6                Captain Jack's, Sodus Point  3pm - CANCELLED!
Friday, July 7                     Private - Wedding
Sunday, July 9                   Palmyra Gazebo, 1pm
Saturday, July 22              Private Party, Port Bay
Sunday, July 23                 Heintzelman's BBQ Pit, Ontario  2pm
Friday, August 11               Growlers, Lyons  8pm
Saturday, August 12          Towpath Grill, Fairport 8pm 
Thursday, August 17          Heintzelman's BBQ Pit, Ontario 6pm
Saturday, August 19          Private Party, Ontario
Sunday, August 20             Marlins, Sodus Point  2pm
Saturday, Sept 9               Tap Room, Bill Gray's Seabreeze 8pm
Thursday, Sept 13             Heintzelman's BBQ Pit, Ontario  6pm
Saturday, Sept 16              Flaherty's, Honeoye Falls   9pm
Friday, Oct 6                     Tap Room, Bill Gray's Ontario 8pm          
Saturday, Oct 14               Cottage Hotel, Mendon  9pm
Saturday, Nov 4                 Flaherty's, Macedon 8pm
Saturday, Dec 16               Tap Room, Bill Gray's Seabreeze 8pm

Saturday, January 6          Jeffrey's Bar, Henrietta  7:30pm
Friday, January 12            Tap Room Bill Grays Brockport  8pm
Saturday, March 3            Heintzelman's, Ontario (3 piece Acoustic) 7pm  Saturday, March 10           Gigi's, Titus Ave. Irondequoit  8:30pm
Wednesday, March 14       The B-Side, Fairport 7pm
Thursday, March 15           Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester  9pm
Saturday, March 24          Tap Room Bill Gray's Seabreeze  8pm
Friday, April 13                 Tap Room Bill Gray's No. Greece 8pm - Cancelled!
Saturday, April 21             Heintzelman's, Ontario (3 piece Acoustic) 5pm
Monday, April 23               Private Party (3 piece acoustic) 5:30pm
Friday, April 27                Tap Room Bill Gray's Ontario 8pm
Saturday, May 5                Flaherty's Macedon 8pm
Sunday, May 20                 MS Benefit, Canandaigua
Friday, May 25                  Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester 10pm
Sunday, May 27                 Heintzelman's BBQ, Ontario MC Run!  4pm
Friday, June 1                   Thirsty's, Pittsford 7pm
Friday, June 8                   Lulu's  Fairport  8pm - Cancelled!
Sunday, June 10                 Heintzelman's BBQ Pit, Ontario 3pm
Friday, June 22                 Thirsty's, Pittsford 7pm
Wed., June 27                   Heintzelman's BBQ Pit, Ontario 5pm
Saturday, June 30            Tap Room Bill Gray's Seabreeze 8pm
Tuesday, July 3                 Burgundy Basin Cruise Night, 5:30pm
Saturday, July 7                Heintzelman's BBQ Pit, Ontario 5pm
Friday, July 13                  Tap Room Bill Gray's Ontario 8pm
Sunday, July 22                 Heintzelman's BBQ Pit, Ontario 3pm
Saturday, July 28              Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester 10pm
Saturday, Aug 18               Wayne County Fair Beer Tent  8pm


Saturday, January 12          Benefit, Wayne Central High School
Saturday, March 23            Bill Gray's Seabreeze 8pm
Saturday, April 20              Lock 32, Schoen Place (3 piece acoustic) 7pm
Wednesday, May 8             The B-Side, Fairport 7pm
Friday, May 10                    Bill Gray's Tap Room Ontario 8pm
Sunday, May 19                   MS Walk, Canandaigua  
Sunday, May 26                  Wadsworth Grill, Piffard 4-8pm
Saturday, June 1                Thirsty's, Pittsford 4pm
Thursday, June 20              Private, Pittsford
Saturday, June 22              Private, American Legion Canandaigua
Friday, June 28                  Bill Gray's Tap Room Ontario 8pm
Tuesday, July 2                  Burgundy Basin Cruise Night  5:30pm
Saturday, July 6                 Fairport Brewing Company, Fairport 8pm
Saturday, July 27               Lock 32, Schoen Place (3 piece acoustic) 7pm
Wednesday, July 31           The B-side, Fairport (3 piece acoustic) 7pm
Saturday, August 3            Bill Gray's Tap Room Seabreeze 8pm
Friday, August 16               Bill Gray's Tap Room Ontario  8pmFriday
Saturday, August 17           Jeffrey's Bar, Henrietta  8pm  (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, August 24          Bill Gray's Tap Room N. Greece 8pm
Tuesday, August 27            Burgundy Basin Cruise Night  5:30pm
Friday, August 30               Private Party
Sunday, September 1         Fairport Brewing Company, Fairport 5pm
Friday, September 6          7 Story Brewery, Pittsford 7pm (3 piece acoustic)
Sunday, September 8         Thirsty's, Pittsford 5pm
Wed., September25           The B-side, Fairport (3 piece acoustic) 7pm
Thursday, October 3          Lock 32, Schoen Place, Pittsford  7pm (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, October 5          Hidden Creek, Union Hill 7pm  (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, October 12         Flaherty's Macedon 8pm
Saturday, October 26        Copper Ale House, Williamson 8pm (3 piece acoustic)
Wed., October 30              The B-side, Fairport  (3 piece acoustic)  7pm
Saturday, November 9        Bill Gray's Tap Room Seabreeze 8pm
Friday, November 22          Embark Craft Ciderworks, Williamson 7pm
Friday, November 29          Bill Gray's Tap Room Brockport  8pm
Friday, December 13           Bill Gray's Tap Room Ontario 8pm
Saturday, December 28      Fairport Brewing Company (FPT) 7pm

Friday, January 10                  Sager Beerworks, Rochester 7:30pm
Saturday, January 11              William Street Tavern, Lyons  7pm  (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, January 25             Bill Gray's Tap Room Seabreeze  6pm
Saturday, February 8             Lock 32, Schoen Place Pittsford  (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, March 7                  Flaherty's Macedon  8pm
Friday, April 3                        Bill Gray's Tap Room, Ontario 8pm Cancelled!
Friday, April 10                       Bill Gray's Tap Room Brockport 8pm Cancelled!
Saturday, April 11                   7 Story Brewing, Bushnell's Basin (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, May 2                     Embark Ciderworks, Williamson 7pm  
Sunday, May 17                       MS Walk,  Canandaigua  9:30am
Saturday, May 23                   Pittsford Paddle & Pour, Schoen Place 1:30pm
Saturday, May 30                   Bill Gray's Tap Room Seabreeze 8pm
Sunday, May 31                       Mendon Ponds Park, Private
Tuesday, June 2                     Burgundy Basin - private party - (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, June 6                    Thirsty's,  Pittsford  (Time TBD)
Friday, June 12                       Fairport Brewing Company (Frpt) 8pm
Friday, June 19                       Beachcombers, Conesus  6:30pm
Friday, June 26                      Lock 32, Schoen Place Pittsford  (3 piece   acoustic)
Saturday, July 18                   Fairport Brewing Company (Frpt) 8pm
Friday, July 31                        Bill Gray's Tap Room Ontario 8pm
Saturday, August 1                 Hidden Creek, Webster 6pm (3 piece acoustic) 
Tuesday, August 4                  Burgundy Basin Cruise Night 5:30pm
Sunday, August 16                  Wadsworth Inn, Piffard  4pm
Friday, August 21                    Lock 32, Schoen Place Pittsford  (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, August 22               Fairport Brewing Company (Frpt) 8pm
Saturday, August 29               Veterans Memorial Park Amphitheater, Henrietta 4pm
Friday, October 9                   7 Story Brewing, Bushnell's Basin (3 piece acoustic)
Saturday, October 17             Sager Beer Works, Rochester  6:30pm
Friday, December 18               Lock 32, Schoen Place Pittsford (3 piece acoustic)

Friday, March 5                   Fairport Brewing University 6pm   (3 piece acoustic)
Wed., March 17                   St. Patty's at Hidden Creek, Webster  6pm
Sunday, June 13                  Hidden Creek Tavern, Webster  (private event)
Friday, June 18                   Fairport Brewing Company, Fairport  8pm
Friday, July 9                      Fairport Brewing Company, Fairport  8pm
Saturday, July 10                Wadsworth Inn, Piffard 6pm
Friday, July 16                     Capt. Jack's, Sodus Pt.  4-7pm (acoustic)
Friday, July 23                    Waterside Wine Bar, Phelps 6:30pm (acoustic)
Saturday, July 24                Private Party (acoustic)
Friday, July 30                    Red's Twilight on the Erie RV Resort  (acoustic)
Saturday, August 7             Briggs Fest, Fairport
Sunday, August 8                Wadsworth Inn, Piffard 4pm
Friday, August 13                Fairport Brewing Company, Fairport  8pm
Saturday, August 21            Hidden Creek Tavern, Webster  6pm (acoustic)
Sunday, August 22              Wedding - Lincoln Hill
Saturday, August 28           Red's Twilight on the Erie RV Resort


Sunday, May 22                   MS Walk Sonnenberg Gardens Canandaigua 8:30am
Friday, June 3                     Private Party
Sunday, June 19                  Abandon Brewing, Penn Yan  12pm
Saturday, June 25              Waterside Wine Bar, Phelps  6:30pm (acoustic)
Saturday, July 16                Private Party Bloomfield
Thursday, July 21                Marion Summer Series Marion Fireman's Field 6:30pm
Friday, July 22                    Henrietta Summer Series, Veterans Memorial Pk 6:30pm